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Are You Dating a Zombie?

Dinner with a phone zombieEver notice how people staring at their phones have a blank, spacey look?

Sort of like a zombie.

While pretending to be paying attention to you, they’re “discreetly” sending off a text. But the zombie face gives them away.

Turns out, there’s a word for that bad behavior: It’s called “phubbing”; i.e. “partner phone snubbing.” If you’ve  been on a date with someone who spent more time staring at his or her phone than staring into your eyes, you’ll understand why it’s a real romance ruiner.

(Scientists have actually done studies showing how cell phones throw cold water on relationships, kill conversation, and squash true communication. Here’s one from Baylor University. And here’s another one from the University of Essex in the U.K.)

Ironically, by being able to communicate constantly with everyone, we end up distancing ourselves from the person you’re actually with.

That even includes your baby. Yes, your baby hates when you text.

Abigail Burd, LCSW, a San Diego psychotherapist, cites a “Still Face” experiment in which a mother stares blankly, rather than interact with her infant. “It is painful to see the baby’s distress at seeing her unresponsive mother,” Burd says. “That’s what we look like when we are staring at our phones.” (Watch the video here.)  

Need more reasons to turn off your phone? Check out this article, titled “Step Away from the Phone” that I wrote for the summer 2015 issue of Women magazine.

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